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Born a September Virgo ♍️ in the Bronx New York...raised in the vibrant, iconic and talented community of Hollis Queens.

First lady has been passionate about music from an early age. Her voice is a soulful blend of Funk, Jazz and R&B; creating her own unique sound and style. First Lady’s voice is powerful, captivating yet versatile and she has mastered the art of singing and performing on any stage. 



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Her unmatched stage performance lead her to become an integral part of the music scene; not only in Hollis, but around the world. First Lady’s soulful sound you can feel with every note has taken her through all walks of life, including, but not limited to home going services, weddings, political/sporting events, and even New York City construction sites First Lady’s unrelenting passion and electrifying spirit surely makes her music a reflection of life and love but undeniably makes every and any mic/stage or event she anoints respectfully unforgettable..

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Hollis Voice and LL Cool J
Hollis Voice and Mary J. Blige
Hollis Voice, Simone I. Smith and Mary J. Blige

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A Soulful Blend of R&B, Jazz and Funk

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Listen & watch how she creates her own unique sound and style.